photos and not-photos

my hard drive got stolen a few weeks ago, which really sucks you know! all kinds of photographs and writing on there that i'm never going to see again. but the morning after it was stolen i thought i'd also lost my notebook from the past few months. after an hour of suppressed panic, i found my notebook in the library. which made me realize that it is far more valuable to me than my hard drive. so it's ok.

** i've been lucky enough to participate in two fantastic building projects over the month of april - a temporary event space on campus and a japanese-style gate at tassajara - which i'll be posting about with photos very soon. the hard drive situation slowed things down a bit on the blobbing front, but keep a lookout.

what i actually do have here now (finally) are nicholas's photographs from our brick-press field trip to briones, which just got back from the developer. pretty much all of them are blurry and i think they're spectacular. here are a few.

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  1. You look charming in that blue bucket!